The Importance of Meditation

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The Importance of Meditation

As many of us have discovered by now, there can be a meditative quality to crocheting. You know, it's when you just get into that groove, and the whole outside world disappears. You truly feel your stress melt away and a sense of calm and relaxation building. Well, try to recreate that feeling as often as possible! Set aside a time each day, preferably the same time and amount of time, and work on an ongoing project that doesn't need too much thought or pattern reading. An afghan or hat (anything in the round) is a great project for your crochet meditation because it's repetitive but does require some concentration. Be sure to turn off cell phones, televisions, and anything that can be a source of distraction. Better yet, put on some headphones and listen to instrumental music to block out the world. And remember to enjoy!



6/13/2011 4:20:31 PM
Nickie jones said:

I luv crocheting.


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