What Type of Hook to Use?

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What Type of Hook to Use?

Choice of hook is a very personal thing in my opinion. Hooks are made from many different materials, like plastic, aluminum, bamboo, wood, and others. Some hooks have a thumb rest and others are smooth and cylindrical along what is known as the shank. Some hooks have a cushioned or ergonomic handle, whereas others have no handle at all. Pay attention to the head of the hook as well: some are in line with the shank, some are tapered with an indented throat area. The best thing to do is experiment with different types of hooks and decide which ones feel and weigh best in your hand. You might come to discover that you like different materials for your hooks depending on the type of yarn you are working with. For example, you might want a slippery aluminum or steel hook when working with a fuzzy or nubbed yarn and a wood or bamboo hook for a smooth yarn.



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