The First Row

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The First Row

I always say that the first row is the hardest because you have to work into the foundation chains. The best, but hardest, way is to insert your hook in between the two top loops and the one bottom loop of the chain. This method gives the smoothest look to the bottom of your work. Or, flip over the chain and work into the bottom loop. This way, when finished with the first row, it looks like the full chain is at the bottom of your work, and it will match the top edge of your work.

If the look of the bottom isn't a factor, then you can go ahead and just insert your hook into any one or two of the loops of each chain stitch in making your first row. But, beware, it does leave you with a stitch that is weaker and might create a "hole-y" effect between the first row and the chains.

If you find that you're a tight crocheter, then working into the foundation chains for the first row can really be difficult. So, try using a size or two larger hook than called for in the pattern to chain the foundation chains and then switch back to the right-sized hook for the first row and rest of the pattern.



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