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Croknit, or also known as crohooking, crochenit, crochet-knit, and crochet on the double, derives from Tunisian crochet (also called Afghan Stitch, Hook Knitting, Railroad Knitting, Shepherd's Knitting, and Tricot Crochet), where you work loops onto a long crochet hook and then work them off without turning the hook or your fabric. With croknitting, you use a double-ended hook (also called flexible, swivel, or circular crochet hook) and you turn your work at the end of the row and start a new row with a different color of yarn or a second yarn of the same color, alternating yarns/colors every other row.



11/20/2011 6:40:08 PM
pcmnwcrlsl333 said:

I had the instructions on how to Croknit, but have misplaced them. Does anyone have the instructions that they could email me a copy? Thank you! Response: you might want to check out this Squidoo lens for some resources!


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