Your Starting Loop

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Your Starting Loop

One question I get a lot involves how to close up the hole created at the beginning of an amigurumi project or any item being crocheted in the round. My suggestion is to try to avoid the hole to begin with! One way to do that is to chain 2 and then work the first row of crochet stitches into the second chain from the hook. Then, you can tug on the yarn tail to close the hole and then secure it on the wrong side of the fabric. Another way is to create the "magic loop" that Inside Crochet magazine describes in the February/March 2010 Issue # 6. The idea is to wrap the yarn around your finger twice to create a loop and then to work your first round of stitches into the loop. Then, you can pull the tail end of the loop (not the end feeding from your ball of yarn) to tighten the loop and close the hole.



11/7/2010 11:55:07 AM
Leigh said:

This could use a whole lot more detail. I'm trying the method of making the ring in the first chain, I want to stick with that because it's what the pattern calls for and I think it's more attractive. The problem herein lies: The knot or whatever gets too tight and there is no closing up this hole, the first time I did it it was perfect, now I( can't seem to d it for the dolls limbs, so I'm not sure waht I am doing different/wrong.

Thanks for your comment. Try making the slip knot loop for your first chain stitch a little bit larger and looser (meaning, try not to make the knot too tight, keep it loose) -- that way, once you put the stitches into the first chain, you can then tug on the tail to tighten and close up the hole. Also, try not to crochet the stitches over the knot because that will make it hard to pull the tail tight when you're ready. Hope this helps.


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