UK v American Crochet Terms

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UK v American Crochet Terms

Ever read a pattern and just feel like something isn't quite right?! Chances are you are from the UK or Australia and you're reading an American pattern, or you are in the U.S. and reading a pattern written by someone using UK crochet terms. For an American, the UK/Australian terms are one stitch ahead: our (US)(UK) slip stitch is their single crochet; our single crochet is their double crochet; our half double crochet is a half treble and so on. Though it's a little time consuming, it's best to "translate" a pattern into the terms you are most comfortable with before getting started.



1/16/2011 8:30:33 PM
Susy in Michigan said:

SO glad I found that tip! I've been making a VERY TALL hat & it was twice as tall as it should have been! LOL Looked like a "cat in the hat" hat! Thanks! Suzy, glad to have helped, and maybe you've invented a new pattern for your "cat in the hat" hat!

9/23/2011 1:55:34 AM
Riri said:

You use the term "our" without defining whether that refers to UK or US. Haha! Response: Oh my gosh, you are right! Well, I will have to fix that, and I'm referring to US terms, since I live in Washington DC

11/17/2013 3:07:30 PM
joan said:

pattern reads ch 1 ch 3? answer: oh dear, I'm stumped. no other instructions in between?!


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