Nylon Twine

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Nylon Twine

Ever get tired of crocheting with just yarn? Then experiment! One really interesting medium to use is nylon twine. It's available in your local hardware store and is a great material for creating sturdy home decor items. It often comes in different colors too (my local store had hot pink, hot orange, green, and blue!), so let your imagination go wild. But, do stop often to take a break and to moisturize and rest your hands because the twine can be a little rough to work with.



4/21/2012 8:35:36 PM
Sharon Best said:

I use twine all the time to make hats and pocketbooks. I am having problems finding all the colors I want. I can find white,black,pink.yellow.orange. I want Blue if you know where I can find some let me know. beachfuninsun@yahoo.com is my e-mail address
response: hope you got my email; otherwise, please post again


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