How to Seam Tunisian Crochet

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How to Seam Tunisian Crochet

There are two preferable methods for seaming Tunisian crochet pieces: the mattress stitch and the chain or slip stitch. The mattress stitch (also known as the woven stitch) creates a thick but even seam that closes all gaps. To start, place the two pieces right side up and side by side, then insert a tapestry needle into the two horizontal bars of a stitch at the bottom of either side piece. Then insert the needle on the other side piece under two horizontal bars of a stitch. Go back and forth between the pieces, gently tugging on the yarn to pull the two pieces together.

The chain stitch seam should be utilized when your pieces are in the Tunisian knit stitch since it mimics this stitch. Place the two pieces together, wrong sides facing each other, and use the same hook size as used in the piece. Join the yarn with a slip stitch at the base and chain stitch through both layers of the fabric.



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