Getting Rid of Wrinkles

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Getting Rid of Wrinkles

So, you've had to "frog" a project and you've got a clump of yarn that's still wrinkled from where the stitches had been formed. What to do to save this yarn? Kelsey Innis on FaveCrafts has a great process by which to straighten out the yarn: First, wind the yarn around a large box, like a suit box (or the back of a chair. Once it's all wrapped around, then tie the hank that you have created in four places, equally spaced out, with contrasting color yarn and remove the hank from the chair or box. In the microwave, boil a bowl of water, turn off the microwave, and put the hank beside the bowl. Close the door and leave everything in the microwave for about 20 minutes. Then lie the hank flat on a towel and let it dry completely. When you're ready to reuse, wind it loosely into a ball.



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