Ring in the (Yarn) Tension

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Ring in the (Yarn) Tension

Maintaining uniform tension when feeding out the yarn while you crochet is one of the hardest things to do when first learning how to crochet. It does come with time -- just keep experimenting with different ways to hold the yarn that allows it to flow easily but not too loosely. One trick I just learned from Kelsey Innis on FaveCrafts is to try feeding the yarn through a smooth ring that you wear while crocheting. Now, it has to be a ring you're willing to part with til the end of the project because it's going to be trapped in the yarn til then, but just feed the yarn through the ring, slip it on your ring or middle finger, moving the yarn to your palm side, and let the yarn loop over your index finger. See if that helps with the tension.



2/3/2012 10:03:53 AM
diane said:

i cant wait to try this great tip


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