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Photo Tutorial for Crochet Granny Square

I recently blogged about how to make a basic granny square, with lots of pictures. Hope you enjoy it!


No Sales?!

Well, this is the challenge! There are so many crochet vendors online now, it's hard to stand out especially on big sites like Etsy. So, you need to figure out your own twist -- what makes your items different than someone else's? Figure out why someone would want to buy your item rather than another one. Once you can answer this question, then you need to get the word out about your special twist -- start blogging and use SEO-rich terms that will show up in Google searches and create your own website. In other words, start "branding" yourself. Also, perhaps start the old fashioned way, by participating in local crafts fairs or getting your items into small boutiques. It's hard, but anything worthwhile usually is. Just stick to it!


Stitch Red is a is a national heart disease awareness campaign supported by the Needlearts Industry, drawing attention to heart disease, the #1 killer of women in the United States.

Yarn and implements manufacturers and designers of crochet and knit items are creating and selling special Stitch Red products to raise funds for the cause. Please visit the site to participate today!


Crochet Happy

This website has lots of great resources for crocheters! I really like the tab with all of the online color tools, and Tracy, the website's founder, is a superblogger with lots of helpful posts. Worth the time to explore:


Bargello Crochet

This is a very interesting technique, it's also known as Florentine Crochet. By using stitches of different heights and widths, you get a pixilated effect and the illusion of waves. Here's a blog post of mine that explains more and provides some resources for learning the technique:


Resources for Crochet Symbols

Here are some resources for finding and working with crochet symbols:

1) This chart has both American and UK crochet terms:

2) Lots of downloads available on this page:

3) Crochet symbol fonts:

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