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Where to Insert Hook

Most knitters also find it very challenging to figure out where to insert your hook to make the next stitch. You will always have just one loop on your hook after finishing a stitch, and you will insert your hook into both loops of what looks like a chain stitch to make your next stitch, unless the instructions inform you otherwise. If your swatch is in front of you, turn it so that you are looking down on it, like looking down on a knife's edge. You should see a row of what look like chain stitches -- each of them represents a stitch into which you will insert your hook to continue making stitches and completing rows of work.


The Dominant Hand

A Knitter is going to have to decide in which hand to hold the crochet hook. Usually, you will want to use your dominant hand, but if at all possible, you might want to use your right hand since most instructions are written for the right-handed. There are resources out there though to help left-handers learn to crochet (see tip).


A Knitter Learning to Crochet

I've made this category a place where knitters who are learning to crochet can go to see some of the tips and tricks available to help ease the transition. Please send me your experiences and challenges to


English v Continental

I really am not sure what this means, but apparently one term refers to holding the yarn in the opposite hand from the hand wielding the knitting needle and the other term refers to holding the yarn in the same hand.

In crochet, you will have to adjust to holding the yarn in the opposite hand from the one holding and wielding the hook. There are a number of ways to hold the yarn (see tip), but I have discovered that this is probably one of the most challenging parts of learning to crochet for knitters.

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