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The Crocheted Washcloth

Sometimes, going back to the basics is the way to go! A crocheted washcloth can be a great gift for a new mom, and you can whip one up in one sitting usually. Check out this beautiful but easy pattern at

Can I give crochet as gifts?

Making baby gifts

Crocheting a baby gift to give a new mother is so special. Not only will the gift be unique and custom-made, it will become a cherished keepsake. Baby wash cloths, bibs, and blankets are always appreciated, and you don't even need to know the baby's size or gender!


The Baby Hat

Making a baby hat as a shower gift can be a great way to go -- you will get lots of ooooos and aaaahs! For a brand new baby, aim for a circumference of 15 or 16 inches; to leave room for growth, then try for 17 inches. The beanie style hat is a great project for the beginning crocheter and should take you about 4 to 5 hours to complete.


Wedding Garter

Need to come up with "something new" for the bride? How about a handmade garter that's sure to become a treasured "something old" for the future. There are great tips and patterns out there to help you get started -- take a look on and for some articles, and there's a great pattern on for personal use. Bridal garters are an easy and special project to make!


Wine Bottle Cover

With about 170 yards of a medium (# 4) worsted weight yarn, an H hook, and this pattern from Red Heart, you can whip up this simple yet practical and special wine bottle cover to hand to your hostess at the next party you attend! Check out this easy crochet pattern at


Crochet Kit

Sometimes the best gift you can give is yourself and your crocheting skills. For the next occasion, give your friend a crochet kit, either purchased or of your own making. Include the pattern, the yarn needed, the hook, and a certificate for your time to teach how to crochet the item. And be sure to include this website to help your friend learn all of the crochet tips and tricks you have been learning!

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