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I think of mindfulness as being a little bit different than meditation -- meditation is a technique for achieving mindfulness. Mindfulness is an awareness of the present moment and all that is in that moment. It's also being aware of the world's effect on you at any given moment and your effect on the world.

Crochet is a great way to achieve mindfulness because it requires focus and attention. When you are following a pattern and counting stitches, it's hard to think about anything else. That's good, that's what leads to a clearing of the head and relaxation. Challenge yourself with a pattern that you think is too hard -- the extra effort and concentration you will have to put into the project will enhance your abilities to achieve focus and mindfulness. But, at the first sign of frustration, put the project down, nothing is achieved by added stress or disappointment. Come back to it when you are ready or abandon it all together -- it is the experimentation that is valuable in this setting, not the finished product!



As a crochet teacher, I've heard many a student say "wait, I took up crochet to relax, and I'm even more tense!" It's true, when anyone first sets out to learn a new skill, we all have a tendency to become nervous and stressed because we are faced with a new challenge and don't want to fail at it. Well, crochet is NOT about failing or losing, it's about having fun and trying new things without fear or tension. I always encourage beginners to just relax, concentrate (but not too hard), and practice, practice, practice. It's the repetitive nature of crochet that leads to muscle memory and ultimately creates a relaxing new hobby!


The Importance of Meditation

As many of us have discovered by now, there can be a meditative quality to crocheting. You know, it's when you just get into that groove, and the whole outside world disappears. You truly feel your stress melt away and a sense of calm and relaxation building. Well, try to recreate that feeling as often as possible! Set aside a time each day, preferably the same time and amount of time, and work on an ongoing project that doesn't need too much thought or pattern reading. An afghan or hat (anything in the round) is a great project for your crochet meditation because it's repetitive but does require some concentration. Be sure to turn off cell phones, televisions, and anything that can be a source of distraction. Better yet, put on some headphones and listen to instrumental music to block out the world. And remember to enjoy!


Teach a Child to Crochet

Children are sometimes hard to motivate to get active and learn new things, especially with all of the electronic distractions available these days. Teaching kids to crochet has proven to have significant benefits -- improved academic performance, better socialization, patience, and comprehension. As for adults, crocheting can calm a child's mind, making it easier for him or her to focus, listen, and grasp concepts and instructions. Eye-hand coordination, concentration, and reading skills are also enhanced. The benefits are not only educational -- crocheting helps a child build creativity and a sense of accomplishment. Usually the best time to start to teach kids basic crochet is around 5 to 7 years old. For more information, check out the resources provided by



I believe crochet brings out our generous nature because, often, crochet projects are intended for special recipients who motivate us to give of our time and creativity. Even if you are crocheting something for yourself, it's creating that special "me time" that we all need! Thinking about the person for whom a crocheted item is intended as you are working on the project can make it even more fulfilling and relaxing. Let those great feelings course through you, and your creativity will flow and be enhanced. Being generous often results in generosity coming back to you ten-fold!

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