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One definitely wonderful up-and-coming website for all kinds of crafts, including crochet and knit, is The site has wonderful online classes and tutorials to make trendy and quality projects. There's a marketplace also for pattern shopping. It's a great place to spend a little time looking at all the possibilities! is a website created by Interweave to provide a community for crocheters. Your free membership (you do have to register with your email address) includes access to free pattern downloads, an emailed newsletter, and the ability to share pictures of your projects and give and receive comments from other community users. There are also a number of links to other sites provided, including ones for crochet techniques videos and episodes of knittingdailytv. It's worth checking out.

Another fast-growing crafts website is I love their motto -- "discover the crafter in you." You can find all sorts of wonderful DIY and seasonal projects on their site, including easy-to-challenging crochet patterns, all free! Think about signing up for one of their free specialty newsletters as well, delivered automatically right to your inbox.


The Daily Crocheter

The Daily Crocheter is a great comprehensive website for free patterns, crochet book reviews, finding yarn shops, etc. They also have a periodic newsletter that you can sign up to receive by email. They even have a segment called "crochet in the news", which has news and magazine articles about, frankly, knitting! But, all the more reason to keep your eyes open for crochet items and submit them. You can also submit your personally-created crochet patterns for posting. I really like the direct link to eBay's yarn auctions, and there's a whole large section on charitable organizations looking for crocheted items. Take a little time to explore this great website


Online Crochet Classes

If you're not able to find local in-person crochet classes, then online is the next best thing! Crochetville has some great crochet classes for a small fee. The site allows you access to the course materials for 2 weeks after the end of the class, and you have the opportunity to post questions to the instructor during that time as well. Check it out at Also, there are all sorts of instructional free videos available on and that demonstrate the basic crochet stitches as well as more difficult techniques.

Ravelry is a great website for knitters and crocheters alike. You can find great patterns and yarns from other crafters as well as set up your own profile and page to share your creations. There are also forums and groups on which to connect with others who love crochet, just like we do! Just go to to request a sign-up link.


Crochet Happy

This website has lots of great resources for crocheters! I really like the tab with all of the online color tools, and Tracy, the website's founder, is a superblogger with lots of helpful posts. Worth the time to explore:

Where can I find Free Crochet Patterns on the Web?

Finding Crochet Patterns

Finding free and for-purchase crochet patterns on the internet can be overwhelming. A good way to start is on the websites of the manufacturers of yarns that you like to work with. Often, they have emailed monthly newsletters that you can sign up for. Those newsletters usually have announcements of new yarns and will give links to free patterns. You'll also want to check out, a website exclusively for crocheters and knitter, and, a website with all sorts of free crafting ideas and resources, for their dedicated crochet communities.

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