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The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet

The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet by Margaret Hubert is a wonderful book for beginners and expert crocheters alike. The photographs are really clear and well taken to show off the stitches and projects in there, plus Ms. Hubert has added schematics as well. For beginners, she's got a lot of the basics laid out, with clear, understandable instructions. For more advanced crocheters, she really has put some unique stitch patterns in the book that I haven't seen in other books. Definitely a great source book.


Crochet! Magazine

As modern and sophisticated as Interweave Crochet magazine is and as cute and trendy as Crochet Today! magazine is, Crochet! Magazine seems to fall into the more traditional and frilly category. Many of the patterns employ ruffles, flowers, and more ornate trims and edges, so I would recommend it for the intermediate crocheter. The magazine, which is the official magazine of the Crochet Guild of America, gives clear instructions for the patterns and the materials needed, photographs of the project as well as drawings and schematics for the finished product and how to put pieces together. They do offer a nice variety of women's (and sometimes men's) wearables, projects for baby, and home and seasonal decorations. There are regular columns that address readers' letters and "hooks and humor" as well as crochet in the news, and they too offer web bonuses at their website


Inside Crochet Magazine

Ah, a new player in the crochet magazine world! Inside Crochet Magazine is from the U.K. I found it by chance in Barnes & Noble the other day. They are already on Issue # 5, with all hard copies of back issues sold out, but if you go to their website (, they lead you to Yudu, which is a digital publishing service that lets you sign up for a downloadable subscription, including the back issues. The prices are in British pounds, but you can use PayPal to pay, which automatically converts everything into U.S. dollars and lets you know how much it will be before you have to click on anything.


Interweave Crochet Magazine

This crochet magazine is probably geared more towards the intermediate to advanced crocheter, with most of the pattern offerings being children's and women's sophisticated wearables. In addition, monthly columns provide new crochet book reviews, a yarn spotlight, and technical assistance. There's a new column on "Craftivism", which provides a pattern designed by a staff member to make and donate to a featured charity. Many beautiful projects in this magazine! More information available on their website


Crochet Today! Magazine

This crochet magazine is a great one for all crocheters, but especially beginners. The instructions are clear, well written, and give a lot of additional information, like alternative yarn selections, pictures and diagrams of the finished project, and tips on how to modify. The magazine has a good variety and selection of patterns as well, with many wearables as well as seasonal items and projects for the home. In addition, there are recurring columns that give helpful hints, new crochet-related products, and charitable organizations looking for crochet help. You can get a sense of their offerings, some free patterns, and subscription information on their website at


99 Crochet Post Stitches

A wonderful stitch book by Darla Sims, 99 Crochet Post Stitches gives the instructions for an amazing array of combination patterns using front post and regular crochet stitches. It's a Leasure Arts publication but can be found on a number of websites, just search!

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