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German Crochet Terms

chain stitch = luftmasche

slip stitch = kettenmasche

single crochet = festemasche

half double crochet = halbes stäbchen

double crochet = stäbchen

treble crochet = doppelstäbchen


French Crochet Terms

Since crochet is a French term, I thought I would start with the French words for the various crochet stitches:

chain stitch = maille en l'air (ml), chainette

slip stitch = maille coulee (mc), petite maille

single crochet = maille serree (ms)

half double crochet = demi-bride (db)

double crochet = bride (b)

treble crochet = double bride (dble b)


Danish (Scandinavian) Crochet Terms

My friend brought back for me a wonderful little crochet book from Denmark. I think I have deciphered the Danish crochet terms:

chain stitch = luftmaske (lm)

slip stitch = kaedemaske (km)

single crochet = fastmaske (fm)

half double crochet = halv stang maske (hstm)

double crochet = stang maske (stm)

treble crochet = dobbelt stangmaske (dblt stm)


Spanish Crochet Terms

There's some wonderful Spanish crochet work out there, and these translations may help:

chain stitch = cadaneta

slip stitch = cadaneta

single crochet = punto bajo

half double crochet = medio punto alto

double crochet = punto alto

treble crochet = punto alto doble

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