Blocking Your Finished Piece

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Blocking Your Finished Piece

If you've just finished crocheting a garment, before you start putting your pieces together, you might want to "block" them. Blocking basically means setting the shape of each piece to prevent them from curling. You'll want to put the piece, right side facing down, on a smooth heat-resistant surface (probably an ironing board or another surface you've prepped for this purpose with some padding and a sheet over it), smooth it into the shape it should be, and then press it. Pressing is NOT the same thing as ironing – the iron should be put on the steam setting and should be held near to the piece, just hovering over it for a second or two, and then lifted off. You should never actually slide the iron over the piece -- at most, you should just touch down slightly and quickly on it. Alternatively, you might also want to place a damp pressing cloth on top of the piece if you want to be able to slide the iron over it.



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