The Bullion Stitch

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The Bullion Stitch

The Bullion Stitch is also known as the Roll Stitch. It adds an interesting dimension to trims and edging and can serve as a great center for a granny square or flower motif if performed in a circle.

Start by wrapping the yarn around your crochet hook somewhere between 5 to 10 times, depending on how thick a look you want. Then, insert the hook into the next stitch (or circle loop), yarn over, and pull through a loop. Then, yarn over and pull a loop through all of the loops on your hook (it helps to keep the crochet hook end facing down, and you might need to wiggle the hook as you're pulling the loop through). You should have one loop on your hook. Do a yarn over and pull through a loop to create a chain on top – that will hold your bullion stitch in place. You've just completed a bullion stitch!



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