Do Your Stretches

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Do Your Stretches

If you're planning a marathon crocheting session, be sure to remind yourself to stop every 30 to 45 minutes to stretch your wrists, arms, and shoulders to avoid any repetitive motion injuries. It only takes a few minutes and it'll make such a difference in your overall physical wellbeing. Try these exercises:

1) Stretch your arms out, shoulder height and palms facing down, and flex your hands upward, like you're telling someone to stop. Then, bend your hands down, with your fingers pointing to the floor. Now, twist your arms so that your palms are facing up towards the ceiling. Then, bend your hands toward you, so that you are looking at your palms, then bend your hands backwards so that your palms are facing away from you and your fingers are pointing down.

2) Drape your arm over your head, so that your right hand covers your left ear. Gently bend your head towards your right shoulder and hold for at least 10 to 15 seconds. Then, switch sides.

3) Stand up and place your hands on your hips -- and do the hokey pokey! No, not really (unless you want to!) But, do gently twist to the right and then to the left a few times to work out the kinks.

Ok, hope this helps. Now, back to crocheting!



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