Other Websites That Sell Handmade

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Other Websites That Sell Handmade

There are more Etsy-like services popping up. Two that seem to be easy to work with and are gaining momentum are Zibbet and Made It Myself. Since they are relatively new services, both are offering free listings. Zibbet (www.zibbet.com) also does not take a cut when you sell a product, and they offer two types of accounts, a free one with 25 listings allowed and a premium one, which is $7 a month right now (to rise to $15/month). Made It Myself (www.madeitmyself.com) is still offering free listings as well, but they are going to be charging 3% on the sale price of your products. But, they also have a feature where you can check a box that indicates that the price of a listed item is negotiable. Check out their sites for more details!



7/24/2013 2:15:01 PM
Sara K. said:

iCraft (www.iCraftGifts.com) is another great option for selling handmade goods online. They are based out of Canada, but anyone can open a store. Their fees and subscription packages are very reasonably priced ranging from $5/mo CAD to $15/mo CAD. They are even running a special right now in which you pay only the registration fee ($25 CAD) and get 6 months of unlimited product postings for free.


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