Slip Stitch (sl st)

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Slip Stitch (sl st)

The slip stitch is a great way to tighten up the shape of your work and to finish off edges. Unlike in knitting, there is no need to "bind off" your piece after you have finished crocheting it. But, sometimes, you might want to create a border around a pot holder, for example, and really define its shape.

The slip stitch involves inserting your hook into the stitch below (or, if you are working along the side of a crocheted piece, into the side of a stitch), yarn over, pull through a loop and keep going to pull that same loop through the loop on your hook. You should now have just one loop on your hook and have completed a slip stitch. It's like creating a row of chain stitches on top of the row you've just crocheted or along the side of a crocheted piece.



2/17/2011 6:47:00 PM
Marie said:

I know how to slip stitch but I need to know how to do it in the round so that it does not leave a line throughout the whole item that you are crocheting. Answer: Hi Marie, once you chain the number of stitches you want and join the chain to work in the round, then mark your first st of the round, and then do 2 slip stitches into each st around to the beginning of the round where the stitch marker is, then slip stitch into that first st of the new round, mark it, and work that round (increasing as instructed in the pattern). As you keep working around, just be sure to mark the first st of each round to know where one round ends and the next one starts. That way you won't have a line, just a spiral. For more tips on working in the round and the type of stitch marker that works for crochet, take a look under the "amigurumi" category. Thanks for your question.


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