Freeform Crochet

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Freeform Crochet

Not surprisingly, in the 1970s, a crochet movement started that came to be known as Freeform Crochet. These crocheters didn't want to be hampered by following patterns, they just wanted to do their own thing. Freeformers would just start crocheting, mixing different yarns and stitches and creating garments all in one piece. Alternatively, some freeformers would make small pieces and then connect them into a finished item that would be a one-of-a-kind work of art!

There are a couple of ways to approach freeform crochet. You can draw on a piece of paper what you want to create and then just start crocheting to fit within that template. The "scrumbling" method has you take a fabric garment or accessory and sew "scrumbles" or little crocheted pieces onto the item so that the finished item looks similar to applique. Or you might want to try the mesh method, where you create an item using mesh or filet crochet and then embellish with crocheted flowers or other shapes.

The idea is to let your creativity flow by crocheting with combinations of stitches and colors and working in multidirections to see what is born!



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