Three Main Types of Afghans

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Three Main Types of Afghans

There are many ways to make an afghan, using many different designs and techniques, but there are three main types: Mile-a-Minute afghans, Join-as- you-go afghans, and Motif afghans. The Mile-a-Minute afghan usually is made by repeating one or two stitch choices in one continuous piece. This type of afghan is a great starter project for a beginner due to their simple, easy, and repetitive nature. The Join-as-you-go afghan involves making many different pieces, but beginning a piece where another one finishes off, so that the blanket grows as each piece is added on to and completed. The Granny Square afghan is a great example of the third type of afghan, the Motif afghan. Such afghans are comprised of many different motifs, or blocks or squares, made one by one and then later joined all together. The motifs all can be of the same design or each of a different design, but they tend to all be of the same size for easy joining. Making afghans using the motif method is often desirable because it's easy to carry around the materials for each individual square and it doesn't get boring if you choose a number of different designs to make!



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