The Afghan Stitch

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The Afghan Stitch

It's easy to get confused between the afghan blanket (which is basically any handmade blanket or throw) and the afghan stitch (which is another name for Tunisian crochet). The Tunisian or Afghan crochet technique is a great way to make a blanket, though you will probably need to make 3 or 4 panels and stitch them together to get the width desired. The Afghan stitch (which is not just one stitch but all the different Tunisian stitches) can be used for so much more than blankets -- garments, pillows, washcloths, and hotpads are just the start! Please see our growing Tunisian Crochet category for tips to use with this fun crochet technique.



11/15/2012 11:06:14 AM
janette said:

good description of the stitch but i have made an afghan for a king size grandson on one lg.hook and it worked just fine he did not want it put together can not find the pattern i used do you have any free patterns? answer: mmm, I don't have such a pattern, but if I see one, I will post here!


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