Crocheting in the Round

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Crocheting in the Round

Here's a more general tip for whenever you are crocheting in the round. If you place your increase stitches in the same place in each successive round, your work starts to lose its round shape and starts to look more like a pentagon or hexagon (depending on the spacing of the increases). To avoid, you might want to shift around where the increases are placed. For example, if there are 6 stitches in between increases on the previous row, then, on the next row, instead of stacking on an increase in the same place, try doing 3 stitches, an increase, then 6 stitches, to shift the placement of the increases. Shifting around the increases should not affect the overall stitch count of the round but should help retain that round shape of your work.



11/17/2010 3:37:34 PM
Laura R. said:

This totally happened to me when I first started a Amigurumi project! By the time I got to my third row iIt started looking like flower petals so I got really frustrated and pulled out all the yarn. This happened about 3 times and then I started researching online. First of all the book didn't even tell me about a magic loop that I could possibly start with. Today when I get home from work I will try this project again. But thanks for the tips on crocheting in the round!

Glad to be of help!


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