Hyperbolic Crochet

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Hyperbolic Crochet

For the math lovers out there, you might be interested in crocheting hyperbolic shapes. According to research by The Institute for Figuring (www.theiff.org), scientists thought, for centuries, that space was flat, stretching endlessly and without form. But, in the early 20th century, physicists discovered that space actually is intrinsically curved, sort of like a soccer ball. In fact, it's been described by mathematician Daina Taimina as "the geometric opposite of a sphere." A hyperbolic plane or surface is one that curves away from itself at every point, infinitely opening outward. Although there had been conceptual models of hyperbolic planes, it was Dr. Taimina who first discovered in 1997 a way to depict hyperbolic space in a 3-D model -- through crochet! She picked up her crochet hook and synthetic yarn (for its stiff properties) and created the models shown on The IFF website, and she gives instructions on the website on how to make your own hyperbolic model!



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