Skill Levels

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Skill Levels

Crochet patterns often come with some indication of the crochet skill level you should have to be able to tackle the project. Don't feel bound by these statements, just take them to be guidelines for helping you assess what's involved in creating the item and if it's a pattern that you want to try:

Beginner: this is a pattern that is intended for first-time crocheters, utilizes basic stitches, and involves minimal shaping.

Easy: this is a pattern that uses basic stitches, simple repetitive stitch patterns and/or color changes, and simple shaping and finishing.

Intermediate: this is a pattern that uses a variety of crochet stitches in varying patterns and has mid-level shaping and finishing.

Advanced or Experienced: this is a pattern that uses advanced crochet techniques and stitches in intricate patterns and involves detailed shaping and finishing.



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