Working with Posts

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Working with Posts

Using a front post double crochet (FPdc) stitch is a great way to achieve the look of cables in crochet. The technique is not that hard -- it just involves inserting the hook into a stitch a row below the one you are currently on, pulling through the yarn, and completing the double crochet stitch as you normally would. As a result, you've got stitches that stand up from the rest of the fabric, and when performed at the same spot each Right Side (RS) row, you've got the look of cables. See my Fisherman's Scarf on Ravelry for a fun and easy project using FPdcs!



8/11/2012 12:13:52 PM
Paddy B said:

Where are the pictures of the stitches? answer: I wish I could upload pictures to this site! But, you've given me a great idea for a blog post and website page :-) Stay tuned!


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