The Loop or Fur Stitch

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The Loop or Fur Stitch

Making a loop stitch (also called the fur stitch) is just like making a single crochet stitch except you create a loop in the back of the stitch (so, when you are working a row of loop stitches, you are working on the "wrong" side of the finished product because the loops will all be on the back side of the row on which you are working).

To make a loop stitch, insert hook into the next stitch; before you do a yarn over and pull through a loop, use your middle or index finger to catch the yarn on the back side of the row and make a loop, then hook the top part of the loop and pull it through, then yarn over and complete the single crochet stitch just like you normally would. When you remove your finger, there should be a single crochet stitch with a loop sticking out the back of it! To create a "furry" look, alternate a row of single crochet loop stitches with a row of either regular single crochet stitches or slip stitches.



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