What Kind of Afghan Do You Want to Make?

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Is the ripple pattern hard to make?

What Kind of Afghan Do You Want to Make?

Making an afghan is a long-term but satisfying project, but first off, you need to decide what kind of afghan you want to create. There are basically 2 kinds: 1) an afghan that is made in one big piece, or 2) an afghan that is a number of pieces (often squares) either sewn or crocheted together. In deciding which kind of afghan you want to work on, think about whether you prefer to make your afghan while you are at home (maybe in front of the TV where your growing afghan will keep you warm as you make it) or while you are commuting or away from home (where it might be easier to take along just enough yarn and supplies to make a few squares, then put them all together later). Either way, an afghan is a great project to work on!



2/7/2008 12:59:31 PM
Michelle said:

This site is supposed to give tips on crochet, not just say that there are many pattrens out there. I know that, that is why I cant decide on what stiches to use, and came to your site for help. I guess that was a mistake, since your site holds no value at all

I agree! And as the new Crochet Guru for this site, I hope you will return for "real" tips and information! Just give me a little time to get things straightened out on this site, and please check back often for my updates. Thanks.


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